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– 3 ducks flying, the wolf and girl, green hand

Drawings for Ty&co, Japan.

Wolf, Squirrel and Hare.

Once there were 3 friends, Wolf, Squirrel and Hare. They were all very shy and just lived together in the forest.

One day wolf was looking at his reflection. He looked at his big teeth, his hairy pelt, his rough paws and golden eyes. He was suddenly very lonely.

'Goodbye squirrel, goodbye hare,' he said.

'I am going to find someone just like me.'

He set off, by himself,

After many days he encountered a woman with a sore arm. She was trying to collect firewood for her home, as it was now getting quite cool, and the evenings were very chilly.

'Let me help' said wolf. He collected some sticks. Wolf chopped some wood. Wolf filled her wood box with dry firewood and sticks. The woman was so happy she gave wolf a map.

'this is a map, where wolves roam. Just follow the map'

Wolf followed the map.

And after a while he saw some big paw prints , and some shaggy hairs.

Sniffing the air, he could smell a faint scent. Something like his own shaggy smell.

Wolf bounded down through the forest, and then he saw a whole pack of wolves.

They all ran up to him, sniffing and licking. Wolf saw their shaggy pelts, their golden eyes and big rough paws. Their heavy tails and pointed ears.

Wolf realized he was home.

Quite a while later wolf and his pack found Squirrel and Hare. What a tasty treat they were!

The end.